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werid tingles, dreaming of babies, had an instinct & it came this morning👶🏼👣🍼

hi ladies! 🙋🏼👋🏼

Im so happy and over the moon I did a test and it was positive. I got my implant out start of July, had a period then worked out my ovulation days. Had regular sex then this months period was late did a test 2 weeks ago and was negative. 

Past few days I had weird tingle feelings in my boobs, had a dream about being pregnant & something inside my head just said yes I'm pregnant, So I woke up this morning did a test and yes! My instinct was correct it gave up positive 😀😀 me and my fiancé are so chuffed and can't wait for the 12 week mark so we can finally share our happy news! 🎉👣✨

picture shows my 1st positive ovulation test

then the middle test I did this morning

and how far I am by the digital (1-2)+2



  • It's nice to have a gut feeling, I also told myself I was pregnant and that my period wouldn't come, did a test day after missed period and got my positive 

    Congratulations on pregnancy :) x

  • Congratulations on your BFP!! 🎉

    I recently just found out I was pregnant too & cannot wait for the 12 week mark either to spread the news 🙊

  • Sorry I've just noticed this! 

    Thats great news 👣👶🏼 I'm so excited, 

    went to doctors said I'm around 7weeks, have my scan 6th oct.

    1st midwife appointment on 30th this month.

    so excited told immediate family only, all happy ❤️✨

    just can't wait to say it out loud to everyone!!!! 

  • Me too ☺️

    I only went to the doctors just to get my pregnancy confirmed which seemed like a life time, but your midwife appointment is the exact same date as mine 😂

    I cannot wait to find out my scan date just to make it feel a lot more real and to finally see on the ultrasound eek! 🙊

  • Neg or positiveimage have anyone's test look like this and was positive

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