gender predictions . . . Please :)

image  Unexpectedly further gone than originally thought! 12w2d scan. . . Any predictions would be most welcome! Ximage


  • hi I had My 12 week scan today they put me between 12+4 and 12+6 couldn't give me an actual date because baby was in an awkward position I have put a pic up under anyone like to guess gender of my 12 week scan yours looks different to mine so would be interesting to what ppl would think of them both I would like to say girl for you but I'm not very gd at the skull nub theory so I apologise if I get it wrong have a nose a my pic you can see the difference x

  • I'll take a peek at yours! I'm also rubbish at either theories! My baby was being stubborn too. . I thought I'd be between 7 and 9 weeks. . But I'm certainly wrong lolol x 

  • It looks like the nub is pointing up slightly so I am going to guess boy x

  • I'm not sure which ones the nub! Please help 😊 xx

  • imageHad another scan today managed to get measurements baby had moved so could finally get them and have bloods done due date 25th March 

  • Im new to this but just interested... girl or boy??image

  • I think boy x

  • I had my 12 week scan last wee. Any gue on gir or boy? Xxx imageimage

  • I think girl 🙂

  • imageI’m 12 weeks 6 days and trying to guess the gender can anyone help me 

  • image

    Can anyone please guess my 12week 3 day scan pics I’m desperate to know as I’ve been told so many different guesses TIA x

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