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2 faint lines on first response tests and 1 negative clear blue digital?

so I took two first response tests that have very faint positive lines, but the clear blue digital said I was "not pregnant", so I'm confused if I'm pregnant or not? I heard a line is a line so maybe I don't have enough hcg for clear blue? I scheduled a blood test.imageimage What does this mean??



  • I think the clear blue needs high levels of HCG to say "pregnant" whereas the first response are more sensitive and give you a positive earlier! Congrats :)

  • Just came from the doctors and the urine test there was negative I'm so confused! So I did a blood test but I don't get the results till Monday. I just feel I'm pregnant and if I'm not why would I get two light positives. The dovote said I might be

  • The same has happened to me Rlove, I did two test and got a faint positive and did a clear blue digital and it said not pregnant! Going to test again in the morning if AF doesn't arrive :)

  • Just be mindful of evaporation lines hun. It may just be the photo but it doesn't look pink in colour and evaporation lines tend to be grey/white in colour. Hopefully it's just the pics and the blood test brings good news xx

  • Hi! Can you see a faint line? Do you think this is could be a faint positive?


  • This is weird, I just posted the same thing. I'm so confused.image

  • Apparently BrittneyBane the clear blue tests aren't as sensitive as some. I can definitely see a line on you tests though! Maybe wait a few days to test on the digital, that's what I'm going to do :)

  • I tested with x2 first reponse last Thursday and got faint positives so I tested with a clear blue digital and got 'not pregnant' I carried on testing with cheapies as the days went on and was still getting faint positives so waited a few more days to do the clear blue again and yesterday I got my BFP with clear blue digital 😁 wait a few more days and test again as your hcg levels double every 2-3 days! X

  • did a third test this morning got a mother very faint line and in the 3 mins I'm sute three faint positive tests can't be wrong ?

  • Hi Rlove

    Son't give up hope yet!

    I got a very faint line on an Internet Cheapie (10miu) at 10dpo then Very Faint on FRER (6 - 10miu) at 11dpo and then 1-2wks on CB Digi (25 miu) at 15dpo.

    Your HCG roughly doubles every 2 days, so if you were 6 HCG to get a positive FRER it may actually be 6 days later that you get a positive CB Digi: 6 12 24 48 - Only at the 48 HCG would you get a Positive CB Digi - I hope this makes sense! x

  • So do you think I'm pregnant, I mean I have all the symptoms lol so then what's wrong with me

  • image

    Rlove I'm in the same boat.. I had a faint positive yesterday and there was 100% a pink line, even my OH could see it :) I did another digital test this morning and still says not pregnant. AF due today and still no sign so fingers crossed!!! x

  • imageI couldn't wait. I took a different test than clear-blue and first response and got another faint line. 

  • Clear blue need 25mIu of hcg to get a positive result, first response need I think 15mIu? It tells you on either the box or instructions, but FR is more sensitive. If you test again in 2/3 days you may well get your positive! Good luck mumma 😊

  • I have my tests and I tweaked them is it a positive or evap line?image

  • This is what I am going through too got 3 faint positives wet to the doctor got a negative on that urine test and then 5 days late on my period and today got it... I'm confused too I mean how could I get positives??? Could I still be pregnant even though I got my period today???

  • imageTested with a Dollar General brand and got a clearer image of two lines. Maybe you should then. :)

  • I've had the same issue I don't remember when my last period was but pretty sure it was around the 09/14. I had a blood test done jt came back negative. I've don't two first response all with faint lines. And then did a clear blue this morning and it said not pregnant but I have had nausea, smells are bothering me. Breasts are tender no period and pain in my pelvic abdominal area.  Had all tests done so its not a uti.  Help please Feeling really frustrated.image

  • Remember with FR you can get a result up to 6 days before af. This would be too soon for a digital to pick up the hcg

    Those tests definitely look positive so congrats and wait til end of week to Confirm with clearblue digital :) xx 

  • Ok so now I am confused two negative test two positive and light bleeding. 😞 

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