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Help? Could I be pregnant?

It would of happened in mid-july. (Ive tried posting this twice already from my phone) Ive been nauseous since mid/late august. My periods have always been 28 days and no shorter than 5 days. My period in August was 3 days late and only a day and a half long. The day of my missed period in August I took a hpt and it was negative. So I thought nothing of it until September when my period was 1 day late and it was only light brown spotting that lasted for 2 days. Ive been having some of the other symtoms as well, Such as, lower back aches, heachaches, tired all the time, nauseous but no getting sick, not being able to sleep well at night but napping all day, sometimes i eat like a pig and others i feel to sick to, im peeing alot (sorry). I went to the doctor in mid-september and she told me to change my diet and come back in 3 weeks if everything is still the same. The doctor did a urine test and that came out negative as well. Now I am having light pink discharge and my period isn't due til the 1st. Every woman in my family has not been able to tell through hpt she was pregnant until around 3 months when the doctor did a blood test.That is my only concern. Am I just overthinking things? I don't feel stressed at all. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Have a nice night!

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