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Ultrasound Questioning!

I was given this dating scan. I am very skeptical on the accuracy of it. I was early on but I wasn't sure of my LMP. The scan was given on June 23 and I was given 6 weeks and 3 days. Is it possible they were off and I was really 8  +3? What are signs that theit dating was off? image


  • Scans are the most accurate way of dating a pregnancy as often our dates are wrong. They measure the baby which gives them the ability to give us a due date. 

    Have you not had a scan since June? Another scan would show how far along you are now. 

  • I have had a scan since then and my techs havent really been informative. Also, they haven't said anything about changes. All get told is that everything looks good/normal. 

  • Are you in the uk? If so then on the ultrasound printout they put in your notes it will say how far along you are as well as what percentile your baby is growing on. If they haven't made any change to your due date then chances are they correctly dated you when they first scanned you 

  • I am in the USA. Well, that sounds good. I have always wondered if they were off would they know by now? I have recently had my anatomy scan. I am 20 weeks and 5 days to date.

  • Ok yeah they would definitely know by now! Saw your other post and you probably conceived in May as if you had conceived  in April you would be about 4/5 weeks further along and they would have mentioned that at the scan lol X 

  • Okay. Thank you for clearing that up for me! 

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