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When to buy things and what?

Hey there, 

i hope someone can help me, I'm in very early stages of pregnancy, but I just wondered if there was an actual list of how much stuff you need to buy before the baby arrives? 

me and my boyfriend have discussed were definitely not getting anything until atleast after the first scan. 

Im 7wks and 3 days. 

Katie X 


  • There's a few rough lists you'll find off google but I think that goes out the window when you start shopping as you see everything and want it lol! 

    We did a list of everything we needed because people kept asking what they could get the baby so it meant we didn't get duplicates or too much clothes ect. 

    the necessities in my opinion are pram, cot, Moses or crib, a swing or bouncy chair, nappies, clothes, depending if your bottle feeding bottles, steriliser, prep machine was a god send, bath seat (the bath lasted us a matter of weeks!) and bibs/Muslins. A playmat is also good we had the fisher price rainforest and had it up since he was days old. Make a list to add to as u go as everyone relies and needs different things xx

  • Hey, 

    oh okay awesome, thanks so much for replying I didn't know if anyone would! 

    Had my first midwife appointment today, just got to wait for my dating scan letter to come through! Exciting times! 

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