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Can I possibly be pregnant ?

my last period was September 2 and now its October 28 I still haven't got my period yet but I took a pregnancy test today and there was a faint line you can barely see it but it's there but I have been feeling these weird type of cramps not the same type of cramps you get On your period but its there can I be pregnant or just late 


  • Hello Cassey12, have you missed your period for this month yet? I am also very anxious on my situation, i am feeling those symptoms like sleepiness, sensitive smell, peeing often (started today) hungry, took pregnancy test last night and of course i got a negative result, thinking maybe i took the test too early as my next period will be next week. but why am i feeling all these weird symptoms, i am not this way if my period is coming on a monthly basis. but negative result. i felt the waiting is killing me. image

  • Hey Maricon I have not had my period this month at all I was supposed to get it around the 2 or 3rd of the month still no period. I'm planing to take another test in 3 days but this wait is also killing me I can't tell if im feeling period cramps or if it's something else😔

  • I totally feel your sentiments on the waiting part. lets just hope that we are pregnant!

  • image So far his is what I keep getting the top one was yesterday's test and the bottom one is today's test. 

  • Looks positive to me ☺

  • I hope so 😁

  • Took 2 more digital test they said pregnant !!😁 

  • I see a line on both of them, the top one is soooo faint!


    I've put it into negative & you can see both positive more on the second one ( might be eye site on the first)

  • imageTook 2 more and came out positive 😁

  • Congratulations! Xxx

  • congratulationsimage 

  • Congratulations 💃💃

  • I am 15 days past my missed period which should have been october 12, 2015 to October 15, 2015 . I have not tested since in the middle of my missed period bfn. i am scared.. i get extremely nauseas at time and Garlic is the devil it really bothers me. I pee alot.  My boobs are sore off and on. My abdomen cramps and my body heat is always hot. Brace yourself for tmi...I am always wet down there. I have major mood swings. I have gained 3lbs already. Any ideas? When do i get my bfp? I am also always hungry. i spotted the day right before my period was suppose to start for a few hours. someone help?

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