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Anyone help ?

Hey Guys, 

Please try help out, really appreciate it. 

Basically me and the father are unsure how to break the news to his parents. They are pretty strict and think I am pretty young still.(19.. he is 26) We've been together a while and his parents adored me now we're just scared of telling them that I am pregnant. He is scared about the fact they might kick him out (he is saving for his own place btw) 

I have gave a number of options.

- Wait until my 12 week scan and the give them the scan photo... image

- Leave them a note, go out for bit and wait for them to calm down (roughly a couple hours) 

- or we just sit them down and come out with it that intact they are going to be grandparents. 

He is scared and I understand why but he has to hurry up as the longer he leaves it the harder it will get. Anyone give any advice on this!? 



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