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BFP and chemical pregnancies

hi all, I'm after some advice. I've also posted in the ttc forum but was wondering if any of u guys can help. I'm 5 days away from af and 10 days post ovulation and I've had what I think is a strong BFP. Now I've never heard of the term chemical pregnancy before seeing it on here and I'm scared of getting my hopes up Coz I've tested so early. My question is do u think The strength of my test is a good sign? I'm kicking myself that I didn't just wait for me to miss my af 



  • Try not to worry  I'm sure you'll be fine:) That's a good strong result for 10dpo you only need to worry about a cp if you start bleeding/spotting which gradualy gets heavier and your pg test line fades. Don't worry unnecessarily as its not good for you and your little bean:) wishing a very healthy and happy 9 months x

  • Thank u, I feel like such an idiot, I should be pleased (which I am) but I've got this huge part of me that can't quite belief it's real and that come Wednesday my period will arrive image 

  • You're certainly not an idiot!! We all worry it's a natural instinct:) We are all the same when something incredible happens we automaticaly think" hey this is too good to happening to me,something is bound to go wrong!" You'll worry until baby is in your arms and then (like me with my 3 kiddies) you worry about them 24/7 just in case!! Welcome to motherhood😂 Haha xxx

  • Yeah I know what u mean. Got a bit of a gap between my youngest and this one and u just forget. Actually thought I was pre menpausal a few weeks ago so me and dh have been dtd thinking it prob not gonna happen so this result is a bit of shock.   

  • Don't worry over the unknown, that is a strong positive, it's a good sign :) 

    Congratulations and have a happy healthy 9 months :) x

  • Hi Libragirl

    i had a chemical pregnancy last month after ttc for 15 months, now - unbelievably, I'm pregnant again one month after!12 DPO! I'm really worried but now accept it's up to fate - I'm keeping fingers crossed for us x

  • Thanks Charrz91 and congratulations kirk9127.   Just hoping that the strong positive so early is a good sign that it's well planted and hcg levels are high. R u testing agaiN kirk9127? I'm planning to test again Monday as I've got a spare test and then I may do a digital on Wednesday when af is actually due x

  • hi everyone, I recently tested positive ( very very faint lines but still visible) on Friday, when i retested the next day, same results, I tested again today and nothing then i noticed I was bleeding ( reddish and watery and shedding), I have had all the symptoms as my previous pregnancies such as tiredness, nausea and breast tenderness, and I just had the feeling I was pregnant,but still received my period, I thought I was paranoid, but kept looking back at the test and even got my friend to check, yes it was positive, I've never heard of a chemical pregnancy before today, I've just thought maybe the test was wrong, this is the second time in a row this has happened to me, I was starting to think maybe I had done something to cause it, but looking back at comments and researching I now know this is common, its a sad thing to happen but the comments have changed my mood from negative to positive, knowing there is help and hope out there

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