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Am I Pregnant Or Not Please Help?!

I am new here and keep posting all over sites and not one response yet please give me some kind of answers or experiences . thanks ....image

I can't remember when I had sex after my last period (most likely.a week and a half maybe two) but I know I had sex maybe four times and usually I get my period on time but last week I had light bleeding like really light ! for 3-4 days and now I haven't gotten my period . I have been really queasy and bad migraines as well as frequent urination and my boobs are a little sore . also I'm usually really constipated but I have been pooping almost twice a day (sorry tmi) I'm just really confused . I took two pregnancy test and one was positive with a faint line and then I took another one the next morning and it was a BFN, I'm also on the pill but I'm not very good at taking it but I don't want to stop taking it and deal with my period but i don't want to keep taking it and possible harm the baby . please help .image


  • It sounds like you had a chemical pregnancy 

    Have you took another test since the negative? I would take another one just to be sure x

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