High risk for Downs .. Anyone there to help, need your prayers

hello ladies Im 15 weeks pregnant , on my 12 week scan ultrasound looked good but then after three days got a call from midwife to meet me . I went there I was shocked after she told me that Im very high risk for downs syndrome 1:2,  nt was 3.4mm and i had low paap-a and high hsg  . After two days i went to do a cvs , after three days we got the news and we went to meet the midwife again and she told us that the results are abnormal and that they are suspecting that t21 is only on placenta and not on the baby and she called it as plancental mosaicsm  . She didnt know and she was apologising because she didnt have any answer for our questions and she keept saying how rare is this . Im now waiting to have amnio in 10 days im so scared i dont know what to expect , i had really stressin myself and hubby is scared about the results . It took us 3.5 years to conceive and now we have to deal with this i cant stop myself crying for weeks now image . Do you have any stories i cant find much on internet . Thank you x


  • Hi MrsMB. I'm afraid I can't give you any advice but I just wanted to post to give you a virtual hug and say how much I feel for you going through this. I hope that, when you go for your amnio, you get some proper, helpful information and the chance to speak to someone who knows all about this.

    In the meantime, do keep posting here, if it would help. We're always ready to listen and chat.

  • Thank you HelenMFM , surely ill keep you posted whats happening , maybe someone will find it helpful even though I hope that no one has to go through this image

  • That's a nice thought, MrsMB – and I'm glad you'll keeping posting.

    If it helps any, I've had a very quick Google of my own and, from what I understand – and I'm absolutely NOT medically qualified – placental mosaicism is a finding of some abnormal chromosomes in some (but not all) of the cells of your placenta.

    What makes things really complicated is that these abnormal chromosomes may just be in the placenta in a way that won't affect your baby, or they may affect your baby to varying degrees because the placenta is affected in some particular way (so maybe, for example, your placenta might grow more slowly than is usual).

    From what I've read, it's really hard to work out from a CVS which is the case, which is why you need the amnio, which should tell the docs more.

    Hope that's helpful, for the moment. Wishing you all the best.

  • Yes Helen ive been reading online everything i could fine . But sometimes you have some questions for professionals but ill have to wait. In my area no one is qualified enough in genetics to explain my results , Im waiting till i go to do amnio there is a good team and they would be able to explain more in detail . 

    Thank you x

  • I had a high result when tested for DS. Amnio did not sound good to me (I hate needles!) So I did a research online. There is a blood test called Harmony test. They take blood from you and check the DNA (part of your baby's DNA gets into your blood). I had the test and it was fine. There is one place in UK where they do this - in Birmingham. I am not medically qualified, but just thought this might be an idea. I hope with all my heart that everything will turn out well for you xx

    Virtual hugs and all the best xx

  • Hi Mirela, 

    thanks for the reply , i was trying to avoid amnio aswell but my midwife suggested that it will come positive on blood test that i was trying to book it was called the safe test i dont know if its the same one . But she said that my blood wouldnt be able to check if the t21 its only on placenta or its in the baby , thats the trickiest part . So according to her I would end up doing the amnio anyway . 

    Thank you ,please  pray for my baby image xx

  • I wish I could hug you. You are in my prayers. All the best. Xxx

  • Thank you Mirela , I really need it . Xx

  • Hi mrsmb,  just to let you know I am thinking of you and praying with all my might for a positive outcome for you.  The wait must be horrible.  Hang in there honey xxx 

  • Hi Sunny5 ,

    yeah the waiting game its the hardest , in this situations you just want to know whats happening . But hoping for good outcome . I have amnio on monday cant wait to know but also terrified what results I will get ..image

    Thank you x

  • I feel you on this had a phone call from MF and my results are 1;56. 

    I lost a child 12yrs ago she was born sleeping, I can’t stop crying as I’m booked in for a Amnio on monday.  Knowing that I have to go through this test and possibly cause a miscarriag.

    sending you big hugs hope all goes well with you xx

  • Juju i know this nightmare all too well. Sadly I had a baby with downs syndrome and structural problems with heart and brain in june just gone. I had to have the placenta biopsy done and that phone call was the worst I have ever recieved because u never expect it to happen to u and i wouldn't wish this on anyone so I hope for ur sake all is ok. The biopsy and amniosis only carry a 1% chance of miscarriage so please don't worry and it's fairly pain free  X 

    Sadly our Maisey had downs and other problems so we chose the heartbreaking decision to have a medical miscarriage and i gave birth to her on June 14th 2018. I had her cremated and she's at home with us where she belongs now. For her she would of been the worst case scenario and i just didn't want the risk of having her and putting her through heart ops after heart ops. That was just our choice and it's a very hard one to make but if u do have to face this then do what's right for u and ur family and ignore judgement xx the crying and the worry is normal I felt like I was in an emotional bubble of hell but I am still here to tell u my story because u will be ok regardless of the outcome xxx I'm here if u want to talk x

  • Ps 

    I also meant to say the blood tests are statistical. Think positive u only have a 1% chance of having a downs baby x that's still very slim. It means ur chances of having a healthy baby are much more in ur favour xxx

  • I just wanted to send my love and prayers that you got the outcome you wanted Mrs MB so that your baby is ok. having a baby is such a long and emotional journey.xxx

  • Juju how did ur amnio go? and did u get the results? Been thinking of u xxx

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