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5 week scan only sac found

I found out I was pregnant a week ago but was having some cramps and stomach pain. After speaking with my doctor we thought I was 6 weeks and she decided to send me for an early scan. After the abdominal scan showed nothing they done an internal scan where they found a sac but nothing else. She has said this either indicated that I am only 5 weeks pregnant or my pregnancy has stopped at 5 weeks. I go back in 2 weeks for a scan but understandably I'm really anxious about this does anyone have similar stories? 


  • I had an ultrasound done at 5 weeks and they only saw a sac and nothing else. The doctor told me it was normal and it was too early too see anything. Now I am close to 14 weeks and the last ultrasound I had was a week ago and everything was perfectly normal and baby is fine 

  • Thanks so much always good to hear a positive story hope you are keeping well xx

  • Hey i thought I was 8 weeks gone and was sent for an early scan.. They could see a sac and yolk sac I think they said I was looking around 5+3 so way off dates or wasnt viable. Had to go back 2 weeks later and they found a little baby with a flickering heartbeat who is now 18 months old!

    Fingers crossed you can see your little one next time you're scanned! X

  • Thanks :) I go back on 23rd for next scan so everything crossed that I can hear my little baby's heartbeat x

  • Just an update as know it's annoying when you are Looking for an answer and the thread ends. Went back for my scan on 23rd and everything was fine! Just wasn't as far on as they thought in 1st scan! Managed to see baby and heartbeat :)

  • Thanks so much for the update Fee0806, this thread will be super helpful to those who find it in the future.

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