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missed a few pills - need help!

Hi, I'm new to this but needed some advice...

recently i missed 3 pills in a row out of my second week of the pill pack, I have been really scatty with taking them as I've recently moved and everything is all up in the air, when I do take them there has been no routine just taking them each day at no precise time. I am in a happy, healthy relationship so wouldn't be a complete disaster if anything more were to come of it, would just be a little shock is all.

on the second missed pill I had unprotected sex (several times using the pull out method) anyway, I have now got what i think to be breakthrough bleeding due to the missed pills, does this rule out the chance of me being pregnant? How likely would it have been for me to release an egg in that small frame of time? 

any replies and advice would be very much appreciated, TIA


  • should also probably mention im on the 21 day combined pill, thanks 

  • Hi there, 

    Just wondering what happened after your pregnancy symptoms? Was you pregnant? 

    The exact same thing is happening to me atm. 

    Driving myself crazy thinking about it. Lol 

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