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Very Faint pregnancy test !! Can I be pregnant ??!



  • I took a one yesterday afternoon and it came back negative so which one should I believe?

  • You can't get a faulse positive unless you've left the test to long,  (should tell you on the box, or unless you've done the test wrong,x

  • imagevery faint line barely visible to naked eye can anyone else see

  • Hi new on here I was due my period 10/04/2016 an I am now 6 days late an have had faint line on a early response test this afternoon image

  • Well I'm new to this but I had intercourse with my boyfriend a week ago today been late on my period for almost three days now I took the early pregnant test the first one came out negative but the second one I took came back positive but very faint line which means I am pregnant but to early been nausea cramping head acks tried mood swings I was on and off of my birth control

  • imageYay!!! I'm pregant!!! :) after a sb and mc so happy!! 

  • Hello I was wondering what yall thought of this test very faint line positive or negative I have been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms thank you image

  • Ladies I was wondering if anyone can help me! 

    I'm now 10 days late (never late)

    Been experiencing stomach cramps which have now gone away. Feeling sick. 

    TookTook about 5 tests in 4 days. 

    Had 1 very faint positive and then negatives. 

    Doctor said can't get false positive and it means I am in very early stages of pregnancy. 

    She said wait 2 weeks and test again and I should have strong positive.

    Has anyone else been in this position?

    Also does anyone see a faint positive? 


  • image this is how faint my first one was. 

  • imageThis one is mine, it's so faint I think starting to kid myself about it!! 🙄

  • Hey ladies I'm new and woke up and took a one step 10miu hpt. It has the faintest most faintest of pink line which come up straight away. I know it's positive because this is how my first positive with my last pregnancy. I guessed I was 3 weeks and when I went for my scan I was right. She's 19months now. Anyway I just wanted to post the pics to give you all hope and to see if you can actually see the line. Also I came off the pill and didnt know when I ovulated and didnt even have a normal period before I fell pregnant it happened straight away last time. This is the same really. I haven't had a normal period... I'm not sure when it's due and I'm guessing again I'm 3 weeks pregnant. I'll buy a first response early test Tuesday when the shops are open because it's bank holiday. I have more one step strips so ill do one tonight and tomorrow and see and post any difference imageimageimageimage

  • Omg you can't even see the lines at all the quality has been reduced after posting! I can't even see the lines on there. 

  • I got first response early test and you can see the test so much better image

  • hi I'm 3 weeks late for my period I have had a few negative tests then Saturday I had a faint positive but then a negative on Sunday morning. I'm confused. pregnant or not? image

  • imageimageI took the blue yesterday at about 1130 when I got home from work and then the pink tonight around the same time. My husband and I have been ttc since October when I had my iud removed. I could be kidding myself. But do you ladies see the faint lines on both? I'm going to retest first thing in the morning! Any insigjt would be appreciated!

  • Hi eastonsmom I can see faint line on both. Congratulations!! You should get a darker line with fmu. Good luck xx

  • imageSorry to but in every one can anyone see the faint line?:) 

  • Hi, was you pregnant ?? I'm having the same issue ?? X

  • Hi, im new to this, I have been on birth control for 15 years, I came off the end of April, thinking it would take me and my fiancé a while to conceive. I didn't feel "right" this past weekend (7/30/16) and decided to take a pregnancy test, the first one was  a faint positive, I have literally taken like 8 and they all have a faint line. My last period was 7/4/16. Could it be false positives, the line doesn't seem like its getting much darker, but ive been taking them like everyday.

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