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Very Faint pregnancy test !! Can I be pregnant ??!

So yesterday which was January 18, 2016 I took a pregnancy test. First it look like it was going to be positive then I got a strong blue line in the negative window but a very faint line in the positive window. I took a early pregnancy test that is compared to first response. Btw I already had my “period" a few days ago which didnt really seem normal and I've been experiencing nausea, fatigue, and headaches since the 26 of December. Help please !! I'm thinking about taking another today. Thank you !



  • Try waiting a few days and then test again. Even a faint positive is still a positive. :)

  • Thank you :) because I took a digital one the day after and it came back Negitive .. I kinda lost hope :( but I'm gonna try again on Saturday

  • Hello :) 


    I didn't get a solid plain line when I found out. & I done a test every week for 6 weeks But apparantley PCOS effects the test.. this was my positive.

    & I'm now 24 Weeks pregnant :) 

    All the best to you :) & fingeres crossed! xxx

  • Steena, digital tests are less sensitive anyway so don't worry too much about that.

  • When I got 2 tests with faint lines indicating pregnancy, it turned out they were right! I did miscarry a few weeks later (around 8wks pregnant). They said I had low HCG levels, indicating a miscarriage. Not to panic, though, as I am normally a light bleeder & don't make enough uterine lining. They said this could have contributed to my pregnancy loss, or a number of other things. So, in short, be wary but don't freak out. Be prepared for it to be a 'weak' pregnancy & consider hormone (progesterone) supplement. They didn't tell me til it was too late, about the supplement, but apparently it could have helped me if it was really just my thin lining causing the issue. Good luck!

  • Hello Ladies I'm back and I didn't take another test and I believe ( I'm not quite sure) I felt better for a day maybe even two .. But the nausea hasn't gone way, neither has the headaches, I feel tired all the time , my breast feel so heavy especially in a bra, and not to mention when I stress out a little the middle of my belly crings tight 😟 so I try to relax. Thinking about going to the hospital in a few mins.. Can any of you ladies help me by giving me advice ? And have any of you experience anything like this ? 

    Thanks !!

  • Tough to tell, as the symptoms for pre-menstrual or menstrual are so similar to that of pregnancy :/ Nausea is a good indicator of pregnancy, but also stomach issues.... Depends on where the pain was? When I had cramps down there during the miscarriage, it was definitely lower than stomach pains would be, & it felt closer to the anterior (or front) side of my body than an internal cramp would be. I also had a small 'twinge' feeling when I had implantation & some light spotting thereafter for a day. These could all be the things you're experiencing. I would try to remain calm & just keep in touch with a doctor. There are phone resources too- many women's clinics have a nurse on call who can walk through your symptoms with you & help you decide what you should do. There are also general nurse hotlines to call, which can help you potentially with other causes for stomach cramps, too, & may actually be a better number to call. Good luck!

  • imageCan anyone see a second  line on this test?? X

  • Can see a very faint line!,  did it show up in the time it recommends to leave it for?  Otherwise could be a evaporation line? x

  • Yes was in time, also got a very strong line on the ovulation test that day! I've left it a few days will do another test tomorrow!! After a full term still born and m/c last year, I thought I might be emagining it xx

  • Yes good idea to leave it a few days will have everything crossed for you for tomorrow,  really sorry to hear about your still born and miscarry,  you have certainly been through it!  Arms, legs and everything possible crossed for you tomorrow!! let us know xx

  • I will! Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • i have had this result today and my doctor directly said that it is negative. i thought it can be considered as positive faint line but now i am confused. 

    so what do you say?image

  • that is defo a positive in my opinion!! X  

  • That's a positive Eliza, have no idea what your doctor is on about saying it's a negative x

  • Did you do one Amyrose234? xx

  • Nothing there at all now. I did a ovulation test the same day and my line was the bang same as the test line, it was the first time I've ever used one, now nothing at all on that test either!! My lmp was the 10th of February so still might be to early to be testing.. Will let you know if anything changes!! Xx

  • Hi I need some huge advise please ! I was to get my period the 22nd of February and I'm usually in time when it comes to that I did a pregnancy test about 2 days before due to my co-works noticing a big change in my face looking tiered ,would get home and would go stright to bed and fall asleep , started going to the bathroom very often that it would annoy my co-works and I got a very faint positive (I took this one in the morning) i haven't gotten my period yet is it highly positive that I'm pregnant !? 

  • imageThis is my test please help

  • Yeah kisspink88

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