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Feeeling rotten

I am feeling so rotten this time round i am 10+3


Excessive thirst



Literally tired all the time (cant keep my eyes open tired) could happily sleep all day am taking a catnap on my lunch break 

Starving and having to eat every hour or so or i feel like im gunna pass out but i go from 0- nauseated/wanna pass out hungry in a matter of minutes so having to carry food all the time!

Breathless (been taking my inhaler ALOT more than usual) again having to carry it with me.

Ive never suffered with pregnancy till this one i feel so rotten its actually upsetting me and im crying about it coz i dont wanna be pregnant if i have to feel like this, i have 2 other children and im literally working on auto pilot,

Is this a normal way to feel in pregnancy?!?

Thanks muchly for ANY advice! Xx


  • Hiya upsydaisy, sorry you're suffering so much - pregnancy can do all sorts!
    We thought you might want to check out one of our Birth Clubs - maybe see if anyone else in there, due the same time as you is having similar symptoms?

  • Hi, I sympathise so much and wanted to reassure you that although it probably feels like you are going to feel like this forever you won't! I have felt so much worse with baby two and had six weeks of being sick everyday, but feeling hungry too. This started at week seven, but finally cleared by week 13 and now food is fun again so hold on in there.

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