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Hi, im new to this and don't quite understand the abrevations on certain words, anyways I test positive on the 13th of Feb, i began to bleed then on the 14th it did stop (was brown in colour with no cramps/pain and no clots) I had a blood test confirming i was 39mlU/ml hCG and that I had to take another blood test the following week. Just for a laugh I took another test yesterday which came out negative? One week full of positive then 3 test showing negative? I've had bloods taken today again to see if my baby is still there... I need advice I'm going out my mind with worry!!! Please help me! 


  • When do you get your next blood results back? 

    No pain and no clots is a good sign at the moment. What did you Doctor advise you?   

  • Hey, turns out I did miscarry. I had no clots or pain so I'm still all confused 

  • Aww sorry to hear that.  will your doctor be sending you for a scan or anything to make sure that the baby remains have left you?

  • She said there was no point because how quickly my levels dropped but she did offer it and i said yes so it's for next week 

  • Surely you should pass the tissue and related matter when miscarrying though 

  • I didn't see anything, apparently it could've passed as I sat on the toilet as they said which is horrifying. The midwife said people can bleed the smallest bit and still have passed baby, I don't get it at all so i requested a scan to make sure as I'm experiencing back pain after being over a week since I lost baby 

  • Aww poor you, good luck for the scan you definitely did the right thing pushing for one 

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