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Would you put your baby in a box?

Hi everyone,
We’ve just been to The Baby Show and spotted these rather interesting baby boxes.

The gist of them is this: instead of using al Moses basket or cot, you use this box instead! It's something they do in Finland, where all new mums are given a baby box (containing a whole bundle of baby kit) for free.

The cost of the baby boxes for sale in the UK starts at £50 (and goes up to about £150) and most boxes come with a mattress, a waterproof mattress cover and a fitted sheet.  

So bearing all of that mind, what do you think? Would you be interested in buying one of these instead of the traditional Moses basket or cot? Do let us know by posting on the thread below - we’d love to know your thoughts!


  • how are they safe I though your not supposed to use baby bumpers all around your cot due to poor ventilation. I think there a bit odd cost a lot of money to. 

  • I'd have no issue using one, I have a few friends that are living in Europe and they did it, it served them as a memory box one the babies got too big.

    My only issue with it is the price, that's a lot of money for what's effectively something amazon send your items in, and I got my mattress/cover & sheet for a lot less than £50 


  • If i was in Finland i would as you get like a whole entire baby box from the government .. also it says that because of this the rate of cot death is really really low there. But in general i would not pay 50 pounds for a box as i dont have the money for it.

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  • It looks cute but weird, not sure if I'd use a box though as my baby is coming up 4 months and he's outgrowing everything, in his cot he still got plenty of room so Il just stay traditional I think lol x

  • It is cute but very unnecessary. As a mother of two now, I realized how much stuff I thought I needed with the first and with the second we saved a lot of money not buying the items you think you need.

    Even a moses basket I think is unnecessary because it can only hold so much weight and for the woman who have huge babies those babies will only stay in there a month. A cot would be the best and would see them into toddler years or longer depending if it concerts. 

  • No I wouldn't, because humans are a close contact species, like most mammals.
    I co sleep and would not put my baby somewhere  else to sleep.

    However, depending on what the box contained, I'd get it (or buy it), I just wouldn't have my baby sleep in it.

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  • we get these free in Scotland now delivered before baby is born but I would never pay for one and don't plan on putting my baby in it Can't get my head around putting a baby in a box 😕 

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