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Early scan empty Sac

Hi ladies

so I went for an early scan as I was having severe abdominal pain anyway they did the scan and told me that I was 5 weeks and 2 days and everything looked normal however they said the gestational sac was empty and asked me to go back in 2 weeks which will be 6th April.

has anyone been through this before whete they've had an early scan told the sac was empty and then gone back to be told there was a heartbeat and embryo present or should I expect the worst.

thanks girls x



  • Hi Chez1986 I am going through the same thing.  Wanted to tell both sets of parents our exciting news, my LMP was 1st Feb so I should be over 8 weeks now.  I went for a private scan on 27th March as felt the wait for our hospitsl scan was too far away.  The scan showed a gestational sac but with no baby, on the date of the scan I should have been 7weeks 6days pregnant.  And to make it worse, all my pregnancy Symptoms have now gone :(.  They offered me a re scan for two weeks time but I'm not expecting anything to be there.  It's such a worrying time, this is my first pregnancy so all new.  I will say that at how far along you are it's completely normal to see only the sac.  Hope you get some amazing news soon x

  • I went for an early scan where they thought I was 6 weeks I had to get the external scan and they could see a sac and no baby. They made me an appointment for 2 weeks later to go back and check I was convinced it was going to be bad news and was so anxious about it. Went back 2 weeks later and all was fine and little baby and heartbeat. I'm now 21 weeks. I know it's hard but try not to worry all sounds totaly normal x

  • Thank you for you're response Fee0806 :) I'm worrying myself to the point I've convinced there's no baby anymore.  My partner and I were so shocked at the scan we never even imagined the possibility of not being able to see anothing!  Hopefully like you say it's all totally normal.  Just the pregnancy symptoms disappearing are making me worry!  Also had a really light bleed a week ago :(.  Just praying things works out.  P.S. Thats Fab news for you!  Bet you are so exited for baby to be here :) xx

  • We were exactly the same didnt realise it was even possible for there not to be a "baby" there yet. I had a very very light bit of spotting too only once but I was convinced all was gone! I like u say felt all symptoms had gone was more than relieved when we went for next scan. It's only normal to be worried and especially that early on when u literally can't feel anything when's ur next scan x

  • It's all so worrying isn't it, my next scan is 14th April.  Did you only see you're gestational sac at you're first scan?  We went for a private scan to finally break the news to family as the scan at the hospital was going to take a good few weeks, now I wish I hadn't bothered as only the sac was there so haven't told family!  We'd be non the wiser about what's going on inside if we just waited but the temptation was too much.  Don't think I'd ever go for an early scan again xx

  • Yeah was just sac that was there and nothing else. I said exactly the same we had all that worry for absolutely no reason! Let me know how u get on at next scan il follow this thread. Honestly try not to worry tho (easier said than done tho) it sounds exactly the same as mine and everything was fine x

  • Thanks Hun I'll keep you updated :) thanks for listening to me rant imagelol!  Here's my first scan, hoping to see something next time :) xx

  • I had an early internal scan to find out how far gone I was, there was just an empty sack there. They told me to come back in two weeks and when I did there was a little bean with a strong heart beat!! Went for my 12 week scan and that one little bean had turned into two lol... I had twins! Couldn't believe it. X

  • Omg how amazing is that!!  I bet you feel blessed, i hope I get some nice news like that :) I've been feeling nauseas again today so hoping that's a positive sign!  Thanks for writing back xx

  • Honestly u won't believe how often this happens!! I've known loads of women go through exactly this and none I know of have ended badly! Honestly stay positive. I know it's dead hard but I was an emotional wreck, they even mentioned ectopic to me but just look. I have two amazing babies from that pregnancy, one boy one girl!! I bet u a million u will come back and say there's a baby in 2 weeks time. Only thing I didn't have was spitting but I did however have a massive bleed with my first daughter and she's now 8. Sometimes these things happen... It's a brilliant Sign there's a sack there. I bet your about 4 and a half weeks so baby will be to small to see lol xx

  • Honestly you're words and positive attitude has made me feel 100% better, so thank you for taking the time out to say so!  Im going to try and focus on staying healthy and hopefully my next scan date comes round fast!  (And that my partner and I get the news were praying for!) thanks so much xxx

  • Been there too went for a scan at 6 weeks to find one save with a fetal pole and most likely heartbeat and empty sac suspected vanishing twin agonising two weeks later and there they were both my little babies hearts beating away and now they are 3 months old and I feel so blessed. Don't give up hope it's so hard tho harder than the two week wait I found. 

  • See, so many women!! U will be fine I'm sure. Just stay positive, let little bean grow a little and he/she will be there on the 14th. I'm now 14 weeks and 4 days with my next baby and I have the gender scan on the 15th so this next week and a half will drag for me too :) xx

  • Hi ladies, quick update - i had some bleeding yesterday so got checked out this morning unfortunately the hospital have said its definitely a miscarriage.  Heartbroken, now it's just a waiting game.  Such sad news xx

  • Hi I went for a scan last Thursday due to cramping and bleeding and they just saw a sac but then I got told it was a good chance I was having an ectopic pregnancy, went for my other scan today a week later and I am 6+1 and my wee bean is fine and the heart was beating away.image

  • So sorry to hear mumtobe, such horrible news x

  • Thanks CL93, loving you're scan pic :) glad you got good news! Xxx

  • Hi,  it's normal to see an empty sac at this. Point.  I saw my gynaecologist tonight due to Some bleeding and he told me he won't scan me until around 6 1/2 weeks because if he scans me now all he will see is the sac. 

    I wouldn't worry too much . Have another scan when your 6-7 weeksish and you will get a much better understanding of what's going on xx good luck xx 

  • Is there any more news x

  • I've been advised to go home and wait for a miscarriage, if nothing happens in 2 weeks I'll have another scan to triple check, then I'll be given the medication to speed things along.  The lady who scanned me said we should see something at this stage, and we can't.  I had the abdominal and vaginal scan last Thursday, she also showed me on the screen the "grey" is all blood.  The scan pic above is from about 2 weeks ago now and it hadn't changed in size in that time xx

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