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Very faint line on test


so I've been having a lot of pain in my lower abdomen near my ovaries, I decided to take a test from tesco in which i can see a VERY faint line to the point where it's almost invisible. The line showed up without 1-2 minutes. Could anyone tell me what I should do? And your opinions on the test please. I have had to edit one picture to make it visible to others. Thank you 


  • When I did a pregnancy test  my 2nd child it was so faint you could barely see it but it was there. I retested in the morning and it was stronger, I was definately pregnant though as I have a boisterous 7 1/2 year old now 😄

  • Thank you for your reply. So do you think this is a positive? My partner cannot see it which is so annoying! I'm starting to think I'm Having a phantom pregnancy. I am on the pill but me and my partner went on a two week holiday at the start of June in which I missed several pills (not deliberate) I have now finished the pack and due any day. 

  • It's really hard to tell on the photo, but if you think you've seen the faint line id definately retest first thing in the morning - the hormones are strongest then. I tested late at night a couple days before my period was due with mine because I just had a feeling - it was really faint but I could see the line. I retested a couple days later first thing in the morning and it came back clearly with 2 lines. Is it your first? 

  • Yes it's my very pregnancy. I have been feeling very dizzy/faint the last few days and slight cramping. also my boobs have been so sore but surely if I was having signs the hormone would be strong enough to give a positive result? I know I've never been pregnant but I just feel as though something isn't right! 

  • Sorry... It's also the first test I have taken. (I'm not sure what you meant) 

  • imageI have another picture here - you can see the line but it does look very very faint! 

  • image

    This is an edited versions to see the outline of the line 

  • In the second picture I think I can see a line, but not in the first. I really think that you need to do another in the morning and again in a couple days. It's so hard waiting but sometimes it's all can do 

  • It is very hard - I just want to know whether I am or not! 

  • I hear you - the waiting is hard! either way, if you're close to your period being due it will only get more clear the closer you get

  • imageopinions ? I have taken 3 tests all different brands. I have had 2 very very faint positives and one negative ? 

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