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Could I still be pregnant?

I took one clear blue early pregnancy test on Monday and got a negative. So three days later ( yesterday) I took four, one clear blue early pregnancy test and three 99. All negative again but I think I seen a faint positive on the clear blue but my boyfriend said I'm tripping lol im hoping to go to clinic on Monday. I still haven't gotten my period. And I've gotten pregnant before but had a miscarriage. And that's the only time I had missed my period. I always get my period wven if it gets delayed. I've never missed a month before other than that time I was . And I dont have the same symptoms like sore boobs but I do have those cramps and lower back aches. & fatigue. I just hope I am I feel like I am. I feel bloated I feel like I always have a full bladder and need to pee. I'm thinkin maybe it was too early Kuz on the last pregnancy I took first response and the last day of the month of my expected period. & I'm thinking I really shouldve gotten first response in the first place.. But I took my first test  when I was five days late then three days later. What do you ladies think? i just hope I am and my mind isn't playing tricks on me but the fact that I missed this month gives me hope that I am Kuz I never skip a cycle. *fingers crossed*

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