I am so so soooo confused!

so, I'm 3 days late, I did x2 pregnancy tests on the day my period was due, first one was a faint line, I then did 2 from the same pee stream, the clear blue one said pregnant, 1-2 weeks, but the other test was negative, from the same stream!! I just went ahead and thought I was pregnant, I then took one the next morning, it came back negative.

rang the Docters today and they said do another test in a couple days, but iv just noticed a little bit of blood, it's quite fresh i think but literally only the tiniest bit, im now 3 days late. im absolutely besides myself because I just need to know what's going on! Am I pregnant or not? am I currently losing it? Why has one said negative and one said positive! i need to know! 

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