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Early pregnancy symptoms

Hi ladies, I am due my period in 7 days. My last period came 4 days early lasted longer than usual &was heavy. This month for the past week or so I've had so many early pregnancy symptoms,  darkened nipples. Nausea,  being sick, increased discharge creamu white,heartburn, tummy cramps, sometimes constipation tingly boobs& I'm obsessed with chips and cheese. I felt like this with my last two pregnancy in 2013 and a miscarriage last year.  I haven't got my usual pms symptoms and strangle since I frst ever started my period as a teen I always get a black hair on my boob  usually 2 weeks before my period is due and that hasn't come either  I just feel different as well.  Does anyone think I should test or just wait. Sorry for the huge paragraph any advise is welcome and thankyou x


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