Nub theory

image13 week scan girl or boy using the nub theory ? X



  • Think Girl xx 

  • Thank you for repling I hope so I've got 4 boys need a lady around the house x

  • This looks really like my scan and everyone keeps saying girl. I don't want to get my hopes up tho... I still think I'm having a boy lol 

    wow 4 boys!!!! You must badly want a girl bless you 

    Carly xxxx 

  • imageimage2 other scans I think boy xx put ur scan on let me see my first scan I put on i would of said girl but these scans I'd say boy 

  • Here is my scan have a look let me know what u think ... image

  • I'd say girl as nub looks straight if that is the nub X 

  • Weird u say that as I sent the pic to a gender expert and they came back girl however I still think it's a boy, but the nub is straight isn't it? See I think yours is straight too. How far gone are you? Will. Find out? Fingers crossed your having a girl tho Hun. 

    so would u say girl for mE??? 

  • It's doing my head in and on Monday I can find out at my 20 week scan. but .... Ive decied I am going to wait until Jan when i give birth - crazy I no xx 

  • Definitely girl for you I'm 13 weeks 2 days how bout you ? I hope I'm having a girl but I think boy x

  • Your so patient I'm not I wish I was lol x

  • Everyone thinks I'm crazy not finding out but I was the end surprise. Everyone is comvinced girl just by cravings and way I carry. I pray it's a girl but I'll be in shock if this is a boy. 

    it must be hard for you as you are desperate for a girl. Not long until you find out. I'm actually 20 weeks tomorrow and this is my first pregnancy. I'm so scared about labour. 

    Just gpt back from the hospital I have e-coli infection and im on twice daily antibiotics through cannula - totally drainned and fed up. 

    What names u Got? I don't llike any boys names hahhaha xxxx 

  • imageNot sure if you saw this scan I just hope that's not the nub lol

  • I can't see the photo??? 

  • My boys r called James Zachary teddy and Bentley X I'm all out of boys names I've had a girl name for years and always wanted it ( Darcy for a girl ) X are you poor thing you need to rest being pregnant is so tiring xx

  • Aww they are really nice names. 

    Weird I only like BOW🎀 for a girl that's it. 

    Darcy is very cute and different. I like something a bit different ... 

    See I think ur nub is stright if I'm actually looking in the right part - some scans play mind games don't they??? 

  • I actually don't like pregnancy it's not for me LOOOL now I have blazing sore thrush from antibiotics it's just a joke :( 

  • Yep as 2 of my scans I would say girl but the last one I showed you I think boy but the nub looks massive so hoping it's a leg bone lol X ah bow is a lovely name so cute I can't believe how obsessed I am with this nub theory it's so stupid I think it's because I know it's my last X 

  • I hate pregnancy can't believe im on my 5th time but labour is amazing nothing compares to when you hold your baby for the first time it's the best feeling x

  • I've driven myself insane over my scan photo so sent it to just to see what they came back with ... Here u go image

    Maybe it's a load of old **** lol 

    so if this is a boy will this b your last? 

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