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Suddenly tired 30 weeks

Yesterday and today ive had no energy and been really tired ill be 30 weeks on tuesday and just feel like crap but dont actually have anything wrong is this normal? This is my second pregnancy and had nothinv like this with first.


  • Hi there,

    I have experienced the same with my pregnancy. I am now 38 weeks and it has been quite an ordeal since I was around 27 weeks. 

    All the sudden I would feel like I was fainting, I would feel like my blood would go down to my stomach area and after that I would have really bad palpitations. Around 6/7pm I was not able to cope with my body - I was so exhausted I would to go to bed and fall asleep immediately. So I did blood tests and I found out that my iron levels were really low. So you might want to check your bloods and ask your GP to give you some proper iron supplements.

    Baby takes up a lot of your energy and the common folic acid supplements you get in pharmacies were barely enough to keep me going..

    I hope you son feel better ;)

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