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5 weeks bleeding light pinkish and brown discharge

Hello Ladies..

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I have been spotting for nearly 2days it's pinkish and now it's brownish like when you finish your period and you know your coming off but have these brown stuff coming out. I went to an early scan yesterday and they didn't see a heart beat.. what I'm experiencing is this all normal? Please share your stories 


  • Anyone experiencing the same thing ? Would be helpful to know on what to do next as I feel like I'm on my period but with not so much blood it's brown and rEd mixed?

  • None there to help?

  • Hi hun. I think you should join one of the birth club threads on the pregnancy and birth clubs section of this chat forum. The ladies there who are 5 weeks along too will be able to help you. I am in the Due In May birth club and several of the ladies there have had spotting at some point. Talk to your doctor as well if you are worried. Xx

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