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What is happening to me

Hello, I am 35 years and have been having weird symptoms for a couple of months now. I had sex using the pull out method a couple of times and two months ago I noticed I had a shorter period regular for about two days and brown stains the following three days. I normally have moderate flow for about three days before it reduces. This happened last month as well... my next period is due in three days now.

I have been experiencing fullness in my stomach, rough facial skin, bitter mouth,slight bust increase and a bit of weight gain. I would love to have a child someday but I am not ready just yet . I have had three blood tests and one scan done so far and they all came out negative. 

I have been reading a bunch of stuff off the internet which is just confusing me further.I am very stressed about this and finding it difficult to sleep because I do not know what is happening to me.

I will really appreciate it if someone could shed some light. Thanks.


  • Try to relax hun. If the tests and scan were negative you most likely are not pregnant. If you aren't ready to have kids yet thats fine but you probably shouldn't use the pull out method as it doesn't reliably stop pregnancy. x

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