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So I had a period on the 3rd of August till the 8th. Had sex on the 18th Aug round about ovulation time with no condom. Due on the 1st September but period didn't show up. Took loads of tests all come back really really paint positives. Went for a scan on the 23rd September but they say they couldn't see nothing but I'm sure I can..will upload a picture with the scan they took. Had negative blood test that day to and negative test. So confusedimage


  • Hi

    I'm sorry to hear the tough time you're going through. It's horrible not knowing what's going on in your own body! If your doctors are right though, if you're getting negative blood tests and blank scans with no heartbeat at 7 weeks you probably aren't pregnant, so perhaps you just skipped a period and everything will go back to normal in October and you can try again. good luck x

  • I've missed 2 periods now. 4 days late in fact.  It's a to ring early preganncy climic tomorrow to book another scan. Hope all goes well x

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