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Acne during first trimester


I'm 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I normally get a few spots around the time of my period and I've never had the best skin. 

However, over the past week my skin has got awful! I haven't had spots like this since being a teenager and they're really getting me down :(

Has anyone got any tips or remedies to help keep them at bay? 


  • Hiya,

    I'm in the same situation at 12 weeks pregnant. Big red spots showing under my skin and some whiteheads too, ugh!

    I've found that cutting cheese and greasy food out of my diet helps (I drink lactose-free milk to get calcium) and using a mild facial scrub without harsh chemicals like Simple or St Ives. An oil-free moisturiser is a must. Drinking more water seems to help a little too.

    Stupid hormones eh.


  • I already use st Ives and I'm trying my best with the water but I could do with cutting out a few foods. 

    Theyre such a pain!! I feel like a teenager again 

  • i really suffered with my skin from first trimester to only a few weeks ago.

    im now 22 wweks but tried everything. looked after my skin, facials, decleor and elemis, clearasil and nothing was working but then i started using aloe jelly overnight and had clear skin with in days. literally improved overnight. the worst thing is, im a forever living business owner and its hat i sell so spending loads of money on all these products and had the right thing in my cupboard.

    deffo would recommend xx

  • Weird, i usually suffer with bad red sore spots on my jaw and chin mainly at period time but can get them anytime, but they've actually improved! Well, no new ones and just waiting for red scars to fade. However, I have now developed acne on my back (or as I've taken to calling it 'bacne'!) which is gross! I've always had stops only on my face so having a pimply back is not nice. still at least it isn't summer and I can keep them covered up. 

  • When I was in my first trimester I had horrific spots on my face and painful ones on my back where I couldn't put pressure on them in bed and couldn't sit on the sofa without been in pain ouch!!! but as you progress in your pregnancy the spots calm down. I'm 4 months pregnant now and my fave is clear and my back hope this helps xx

  • You can use lotions which will keep your body hydrated like shea butter. Also using aloe vera gel on the place of rashes can bring down the itching. Try applying apple cider vinegar on the area. 

  • Well, further to my above entry, for the past 4 weeks my skin has been horrific! Massive red boil like s on my jaw, near my ears, on my awful. Literally caked in make up right now. Seriously hoping it doesn't last. xx

  • I don't think that remedies can help with acne. But zin is a really good thing to know about, I discovered about it form this article
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