Big Baby ????

Hi, my daughter is 29 weeks and we just went for a 4d scan which was an amazing experience but my daughter is worrying now as the person who did her scan was amazed that she was only 28 weeks as he said baby was weighing 3 pounds 9 and that she was showing 31 plus 5 days. I have had big babies but we went to midwife and asked about this and said she her belly was at 28 and not to worry about the size of baby.... has anyone else had this as my daughter is worrying about going in to labour early or having a big baby she was 10 pounds my son was 11 pounds. She is working until 39 weeks due to her being single after a 2 year relationship and she needs the money she has not had an easy pregnancy and with this on top she is constantly worrying any advice or comments would be much appreciated to put her mind at rest x x

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