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The looong road to the 12 week scan!

Hi ladies, new to this site. I'm exactly 5 weeks today based on LMP. I went for an early scan today but too early to see much apart from sac. I'm booked in for a rescan on 23 December (7 weeks + 3 days) so expecting to see baby and hear a heart beat! I've had an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage in the past so trying to avoid too many forums and googling as it just makes me worry, but also hard to know what to expect.

How is everyone keeping busy, as waiting for the 12 week scan point feels like the longest 7-8 weeks of my life (found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks + 2 days). It's all I can think about whilst trying not to! I also want to get excited and tell the world but know it's still so early. I've got to wait just two weeks for another early scan and even that feels like forever! Any good techniques? Don't want to drive my husband crazy given I have no one else to talk to about it. X


  • Welcome BB1504 :) 🎊 Congratulations! 

    Try to stay as busy as possible and do whatever makes you happy. I know it seems like a long wait especially after a miscarriage but time will go fast xx Let us know how your scan goes! 

  • Just set each day as a goal to get through. I just does feel like forever unfortunately! My best friend had her 12 wk scan and announced her pregnancy pretty much as I found out i was expecting. She's just had her 20 wk scan and ive still got 2 weeks to wait until I have my 12 wk one!! It seems like her pregnancy is progressing so much faster than mine. my scan is 22nd Dec so at least all being well we'll have great news to share at Christmas x

  • The joys of pregnancy - each point seems to take forever to reach, the wait between finding out to the first scan, the wait until the next scan, the wait until they start listening with a doppler, the wait for labour to start...

    the time will pass faster if you can occupy yourself. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Have you written your cards? Are your decorations up? How about treating yourself to a manicure or new hairstyle? 

  • I am 6 weeks and it feels like forever to wait too ! I want to be excited and I am but also scared to miscarry and doesn't feel real yet. I am a visual person and need to see the baby and heartbeat !! 

  • I was due early July & found out on Halloween. It couldn't have happened at a more perfect time for me, as I was able to occupy myself with my middle child's November birthday and then Christmas. It really helped to pass the time.
    I chose not to have any scans though.
    It was quite difficult getting to 13/14 weeks. It's that 'rubbish' phase where you know you're pregnant but no one else (or very few anyway) know you are, and you're not really showing, but probably feeling sick and tired most of the time, and you can't even feel it moving yet. The first trimester drags so much, but the rest of it passes quite quickly.
    Christmas definitely helps give you something else to think about though.

  • Hi BB, i am new to here myself but enjoyed reading some of the discussions, sometimes i used it to put my mind at ease seeing some have gone through what i have and it's all come out great in the end :D 

    The 12 week scan seemed to take forever to come along but my partner thinks it flew by, if only i was on his wavelength for time hehe

    I kept myself busy and noticed the days passed quicker, i hope all the news is great for you.

  • At what point did you have your early scan? The reason I ask is because I had ovarian drilling privately 6weeks ago and have just found out I'm pregnant (clear blue says 1-2 weeks so I imagine that's 3 weeks as doctors would say?) anyway my consultant wants me to go for a scan on 7th Jan.... It will still be way to early to see anything won't it? I'm no expert and he knows what he is doing but I can't help but worry I'll pay for a pointless scan that nothing can be detected as it'll be to early. On the other hand I want the scan so I know everything is okay, as everyone else above I am so scared of misscarrying after trying for nearly a year and having to go through surgery to get our baby! 

    p.s sorry for whittering on 😂 xx

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