Still no baby!!!!

Well i have been in hospital over night on the monitor, sent for long walks round the hospital, had contractions every 2mins, but still only 2cm dialated so they have sent me home to rest, now very fed up and tired, feeling very emotional at the mo, just sending DH out for a curry

i mean when do we go into hospital when her head is hanging out

love melissa


  • Phew- must be annoying but the thought of sex while you're in labour actually makes me shudder, can't manage it now let alone in between pains !! Hope the curry works otherwise have you got a ball you can bounce on? Tell your little missy her time is up and she'd better get moving or else !!
  • Sex softens the cervix and apparently the prostin gel they use for induction contains pig sperm!?!? :\?
  • oh sweetheart, you must be so tired, take care and i hope lo makes an apperance soon. xxxx

  • still no baby, nothings changed much did get a bit of sleep last night inbetween contractions, still contracting this morning, although i have had a show this morning, which is a positive, well untill i rung labour ward and they say it dosnt mean anything could still be weeks away, so after the curry didnt work last night, and the LO was still at her grandparents as they said they would take her so we could get some sleep, i dragged DH upstairs for sex im so desperate
  • lol melissalilly i would of dragged ho up them starirs housrs ago sorry to hear baby still not come got to be so annoying hope things start to pick up a bit for you today

  • sorry to hear she isnt here yet. fingers crossed for you that she makes an appearance soon as you must be so fed up of the waiting now xxx
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