hurt my back

I bent over to shut the washing machine door yesterday and felt my lower back go, I have been in agony ever since, I called NHS direct last night and they said all I can do is take parecetomol and rest, easier said then done I can not find a postion where I am comfy.
Feeling very sorry for myself and my oh has gone to the spurs man u final worrying about me.
Any body got any other ideas what I can possibly do to ease the pain


21 weeks


  • Poor you, lots of sympathy! It's just agony.

    Heat pads you use for AF are good, or just a hot water bottle. Or cold pack? I had heat on my neck last time I put it out. Which soothed it a bit. After a while your muscles which have been all tense for today and yesterday will have to start to relax again and it'll get better.

    Hope you feel better soon. Doc's tomorrow maybe?

  • thanks mummyevans, I have been using a wheat bag and it is helping
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