For the past 2 weeks i have not been able to sleep, im lucky if i get 2 hours a night, and have had to take time off work. Has any one else suffered from this or got any tips to help me sleep i would really be greatful.

Im 7+4 with my first



  • Hi Laura,

    I suffered with pregnancy insomnia to, I found the best thing to do was to have a long warm bath (preferable with lavendar bath bubbles) before I went to bed and hubby would always give me a head massage. Also don't drink any fizzy drinks or eat chocolate etc as they wake you up and don't watch the TV for at least Half an hour before you go to bed, the main thing is not to think about sleeping or get stressed about it as it wakes you up more.

    I hope this helps image

  • Hi there.
    I had to ask my GP for help. He said if you cant sleep don't force it otherwise thats all you will be thinking about.

    Rather do something boring or get up and do something.Thats what I was told. Warm bath,very good, as well as head massages or just some gentle back rubbing. Always helps me and I bought some ear pluygs cause I often get distracted by noises next door or on the street.

    It will soon pass. Cause I am now 16+2 and I seem to have my good nights. Hope this helps too.
  • i was always told to read a book make sure i was warm and comfy and to imagine a picture show in my head with eyes closed. it makes for pre-dreaming apparently.
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