boyfriend driving me mad !!

i am expecting my baby in may 2008 i a so happy and over joyed like most mums to be but my boyfriend is making me feel like i am going to be doing all this alone. he works nights so i see him once a week i dont feel like we are in a relationship at all more of a convenience. he has even put in for overtime with no mention to buying the baby anything just his sodding car!! he does nort seem intrested but in front of his mates he shows off saying hes going to be a dad ect ect like its a n ego boost am i right for been a tad upset or am i the one in the wrong plz help x:cry:


  • i knw how you feel! my oh is very simalar, all he seems intersted in is his bloody car and it drives me up the wall at the best of times! we only found out about 4 weeks ago i was pregnant and it seemed like he was leavin it all to me he wasnt askin how i was or wat i was feelin n he would have a go at me 4 lil things which would make me worse! we both work but i do 9 hours less than he does and he thinks that i should do all the house work and if i ask him to do anythin i just get moaned at or told hel do it later but never does! its gettin more hard now as im more and more tierdi hope he starts to realise this soon tho! but your not in the wrong katie, have you tried talkin 2 him thats wat im gunna try 2 do wen he gets in!!!!
  • Why do men think a few squirts and their job is done?

    You are certainly not in the wrong with the way you are feeling. It's an emotional time (also happiness) but there is, at least for me, apprehension and fear. It's a big thing having a baby and probably one of the most life changing events you will ever have.

    It seems you need to tell him in straight in my view (but then I am a very straight to the point person). If I were you I would do less around the house, particularly if it involves picking up after your other half. He's going to have to learn very quickly that you will need a help and this is a good time to start. Go on strike that's always effective. He will soon moan when he has nothing clean in the wardrobe and even then, don't relent. Just stick it out.

  • I think a lot of blokes are rubbish in the early stages of pregnancy (when we need them most) but I found as my bump started to grow and he could see I was pregnant my DP changed and is now wonderful. I think you need to give them time for it to sink in. ;\)


    BTW I'm due May 2008 too!

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