Not feeling very pregnant

Hi everyone,
I'm over 13weeks pregnant and although I've got a bump developing I dnt feel pregnant. My morning sickness has died right down (which im thankful for) but I'm just feeling wierd. I think I'm feeling sorry for myself but after my 12week scan I thought it would feel real, but instead I just feel, well.... nothing. Is this normal, I didn't have this last time round, doesn't anyone else feel like this. Kerry xxx


  • Hiya, This is my 1st so i don't know how its sposed to feel, but i've not reall had many symptoms just a bit of sickness early on and i feel really tired all the time, until i had my scan i thought the test had been wrong, can't wait to get a proper bump then i think it'll feel more real

  • i dont feel pregnant at all im nearly 21 weeks i thought i would feel pregnant by now i have back ache but thats about it!!!!
  • I don't feel pregnant either, and my morning sickness went at 10 weeks. My bump's dead obvious, really big and round but I have an anterior placenta which means I don't feel much movements. I have virtually no symptoms and just feel exactly the same as I did before, no backache, no nothing...This sounds weird but I just don't FEEL like there's a baby in there, I could prob try and run a marathon and feel no different to how I did before (not that I was fit then but y'know!) Sometimes I think I'm SO lucky but then other times I'm worried and have to get the doppler out cos I keep thinking is something wrong?? 13 weeks was even worse for me cos I didn't have a bump! I don't think it's going to feel real until I'm pushing him out!
    Sorry to rant on but you're definitely not alone
    23 wks x x x
  • hehe its funny what our bodies can do i would count yourself lucky that you are feeling so normal i didnt get a bump till 6 months but i had utis and really bad morning sickness up until 26 weeks and that was no fun i would of loved to be symptom free am now playing the waiting game as am 38 weeks and been having labour signs xx kat
  • hi, this is my first so i dont know how i should feel, but appart from the sickness and tiredness i dont feel any different!! im 13w+4d i have no bump yet so noone really knows either! who knows how we are meant to feel!!!
  • I don' t feel pregnant either, despite having my scan last week - it just felt like I was watching a baby on the tv, it didn't feel like it was MY baby I was watching! Have had morning (well all-day) sickness for the last couple of months, but the whole thing has been a very surreal experience so far - am worried I still won't feel pregnant when I'm in labour and giving birth lol!!:lol:
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