Boy or Girl????

Has any one tried the gender predictor on the home page?
If so what does it say you are having?

My friends and I used it when we were pg and it was right for all of us! My friend is now pg again and it said girl, she had her 20 week scan and they also said girl.


  • hi ive just tried it, said a girl, we are not finding out so will have to wait til july to know if right or not!

    becs x
  • it says I'm gonna have a girl, I 'feel' it's going to be a girl, but DH says boy LOL, will have to wait till the 9th April to (hopefully) know.

    It was right on my last 2.

    Strange Huh?
  • hey i did it and it says girl that would solve all my name problems which i am having at the moment with boys names!! i find out on 10th april xxx
  • apparently i'm having a boy! well we'll find out on the 26th march hopefully!! would be handy if it is a boy cos i went a little mental this morning on ebay and bought a whole bundle of baby stuff and half of its for a boy (was only 99p though for well over 20 items!) i'll let you know as soon as we find out the sex for sure! xxx
  • hi it said we are having a girl and we've had a gender scan and 20 wk scan as well said it's a girl. xxx
  • lol my oh just came home with a pink tricycle. i'm 15 weeks gone!! and IF we have a girl she'll be able to ride it in what 2 years? 3 years? bless him he was well pleased with himself too. a bargain apparently!! xxx
  • awwwwwwww thats so cute! my little sister ( 13) shes so excited to be becoming an aunty apparently shes been trying to get my mum to buy a pink motorbike that it can't use til its 5!!! i'm only 14 weeks!! needless to say my mum told her no haha xx
  • The gender predictor said girl for me. Unfortunately the scan said boy (very definately) so I wouldn't get too carried away buying pink stuff!!
  • lol bedhead i'm only buying neutral colours at the mo but its hard!! cant wait to find out sex for sure! and princessjane that is absolutely adorable! tell ur sister by the time lo's big enough to ride the motorbike she'll be old enough to pay for it herself lol she'll probably change her mind then!! xxx
  • For my friend the gender predictor said girl if concieved in July boy if concieved in Aug, She bd Jul 30 + 31 and Aug 2 Did you concieved at the end/start of the month Bedhead?
  • it says were having a boy we should find out for on 19th march only 16 days to go!!!! image cos we cant wait till aug! X
  • i don't know if i conceived end of nov or beginning of dec think was nov but i did it on both and both said girl! the psychic woman told my hubbys mum a baby girl is going to be born on 1st sept too and my date is 29th august!! we will see anyway!! xx
  • hia,i've just done it and it says i'm having a girl which is right as i've been told at numerous scans that we are expecting a girl!!freaky it must wrk! x:lol:
  • hi zoe why do u want a boy more? do u have a girl already? or do u just want a boy? i really want a girl first although obviously won't care as long as its healthy but if i could choose i'd have a girl first ask my oh and he'd say a boy!! so one of us will be very happy!! xx
  • yeh i know what u mean me and oh have both been calling ours she from the very beginning even though he would love a boy he still thinks it will be a girl!! we have got a girls name ready too and no boys names we like!! but i keep trying to tell myself it is a boy so then i won't feel to bad if it is if i start thinking its a boy now if u know what i mean haha but deep down i stilll think its a girl! but i am always wrong....!!!!!!!!!!eeeek wil let u know in 2 weeks!!! and i'll guess u'll know 2morrow is it? or wed? xxx
  • no might book it online in a bit!! really hope its blue for u!! think pink for me hehe xx
  • it told me when i was pregnanty with my first that i was having a boy and i had a girl this time it told me im having a girl but i know 100% its a boy(had 4d scan and saw a willy lol) so it wasnt right for me lol


  • Predictor said a girly for me and so did my scan at 20ks 22wks 28wk 30wks and got another scan on wed pretty sure its gonna say girl again so we have a little Teigan on the way i have a girl already was convinced this was a boy so was slightly disappointed when i was told it was a girl but after about 2 seconds i was just as excited Sophie 31+6 xx

  • I did the predictor and it said girl... wrong! We're definitely having a boy! But I've seen these on other sites and they calculate it differently even though it's based on the same thing. It's supposed to be calculated on your age according to the Chinese calendar so I'm actually a year older on that... Then I think it does predict a boy correctly for me... And some of them tell you to put in your age at conception, others say age when you're due... Basically it's just a bit of fun so don't decorate the nursery in line with your prediction!
  • hey im new to all this that is it a girl or boy predictor i dont know if its right or not it says boy but i had 2 put in i was 18 cos it doesnt go 2 my age 16 and i convived in oct or early novermber mostlyikly oct??? any ides i find out on scan next thursady but i just cant wait please wb xxx
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