feeling so stressed!

God i have had the month from hell! firstly i have had the last few weeks of work due to low iron and platlet levels, i went back to work on saturday night to my boss being a right idiot with me saying its up to him if i can keep on working aswell cause it a physical job! (im 24+1 weeks) My oh grandad has just passed away so he is really upset as he was really close with him. My mum was rushed into hospital with pains in her legs and is now paralised from the waste down. She has to go for more scan ect next week they think its cureable but im having to help her out as her oh is a useless piece of crap (sorry i hate the guy) Im trying to remortgage the house and the stress of all that is driving me mad and to top things off on friday not only did my boiler blow up but my cars broke as well and i work in the next town and work til about half 12 at night so cant even get the bus! god can anything alse really go wrong? My mum keeps tellin me to try and relax but i really dont know how! I had such a relaxed pregnancy with my first, i think its natures way of evening things out lol

Sorry for the rant just had to get it all out


  • why is it everything goes wrong at the worst time and all at the same time!! ive had a very stressfull pregnancy aswell.

  • wow!! Maybe its best that all these things happen now rather than wen uv got a NB. Hope everythin sorts itself out. Good luck


  • Oh chick, you are having a really rough time! Your boss is half right, think the bit he's forgotten is that if he decides you can't do your job he has to provide you with one that you can! Look on the bright side, things really can only get better and at least the sun is out today, that always makes things seem a bit better. Hope your mum feels better soon
    Kerry xx
  • Thanks for your support. Hopefullly things will look up soon, but i dont think so lol me and my oh never seem to get any luck (apart from r kids of course) hopefully things will turn round but we've been waiting for some good luck for about 3 years now so not holding out much hope.

    god i sound depressing lol
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