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  • Hello Sarah,

    sorry if i have provided tmi below, its just not as easy to explain otherwise.

    when I first found out I was pg I didnt really feel up to it, but In think i upset oh as we agreed befor we got married in the summer. if one of us wanted sex and the other didnt we would please the other other half by having sex,,,,does that make sense? to be honest im glad we agreed on this, because sometimes i dont feel like it but when we are lying in bed he quite quickly gets me to change my mind! So for those ladies who have mentioned previously that they dont always feel in the mood for it.Get your partner to give you some foreplay (sorry if tmi!) and you may change your mind! I do, even if tired and have worked a 40 hr wk!

    In terms of being pregnant I used to love it when hubby on top but it meant i some times had to move to ensure he didnt penetrate too far if that makes sense. Have you tried the spoon position?
    We tend to use this position with a twist as its better for me. It is now our favourite position as he cant penetrate so deep, he also enjoys it. Its also a good position for the ladies on here if the find the bump of putting as they cant see it. They can only feel it if they put their arms right around you.

    we were doing it about 4 times a week. I dint believe it at first that you can get hornier (is that a word ?!) it is true.....i nearly wore hubby out this w/e as he got it 4 times! Sorry if provided you with too much info.

    I have found and also others on here that i have need to use more lube now im pg. The quickest and most convinent way I find, is to use your natural saliva. I can also agree with the latter part of your post, for some reason it seems to be the case when im on top although im not sure why!

    Hope this has put you more at ease to know your not the only one, not sure if it has provided you with any answers though image xxx
  • hi just thought i would bump this post up a bit as im sure there are plenty of ladies out there that can offer you more advice xxx
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