Really good parentcraft class

Hi everyone!

We had our parentcraft class today and it was really good. The midwives doing the class were so lovely and really explained everything. They made it all seem a good experience and gave lots of information. There was one really annoying bloke there tho, who was so rude! He told the midwives that epdidurals kill people, that birth balls are rubbish because 'how can they help the baby?' and that water births weren't safe. He argued with the midwives that the cord was best cut straight away if it was wrapped around the baby's neck. The midwives tried to explain to him that most babies just slip through the cord but he was having none of it! The poor woman who was with him said nothing the whole time.The midwives handled it really well and soon told him the facts (although he kept chuntering to himself I'm not sure he really believed them).

Anyway, apart from that it was really good. We how gas and air worked, how they put in epdidurals, how to use birth balls etc etc and I feel happier about everything now. Hope everyone else has such a good experience. It helped me to decide I really do want a water birth!


  • Glad u had a good experience, the one on offer in my area weren't that gud wen i went wen i was expecting Rhys, so im not bothering this time round. I probably wudnt be able to get in now anyway coz round here they fill up really fast and u have to book like 10-11wks in advance, which will be to late for me. Its gud to hear that some post codes are getting it right tho, u are one of the lucky ones, lol. Kerry xxx

  • hi
    we had ours today, really informative n my oh n i found it great to chat to others at the same stage as us. Made me consider water birth as well, such detailed discussions n made u feel at ease midwives were both great. It was a little strange having it in a church although lol.
  • We don't get anymore now, but I think she said there was a breast feeding one if we wanted it.
    Not sure I would go again if we have another - unless we have them 10 years apart or something lol!

  • We don't have ours untill the 19th of may, so hope its as useful as some of you have mentioned.

    I think i've pretty much decided on a water birth however it'll be good to get a bit more info so fingers crossed its useful

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