hairy belly!!

hey ive got such a hairy belly its awful even my oh has commented!!!does anyne else have a hairy belly ?xxxxxxxx


  • yup i do...... real sexy huh?
  • ha waterbaby its horrid isnt it i feel like a man actually its wose than my oh's belly darn it ....i didnt have a hairy belly when i was having my son whats going on!!!xxx
  • i had a hairy tummy when carrying my boys, with my eldest i was so alarmed i asked the mw after my 20wk scan what was going on!!! lol!!! it's just hormones and i promise u ladies it does go after the birth! had it with my youngest too, also a boy, but strangely never had it with my daughter, or during this pregnancy (having a girl).
  • I was told it was a sign of carrying a girl!!! 50/50 chance lol
  • MrsAmanda..... i'm having a boy!!! so maybe its true

    chuffedbaby- my oh has a very hairy beer belly so you cant actually tell which one of us is pregnant : )
  • I am having a boy and have a really hairy belly heheimage
  • i've got a hairy belly too! i'm carrying a boy!! oh calls it my winter coat lol!!
  • lol must be hormonal as i had with both my girls...!!!
  • Hi, I had a hairy tummy with my first son, but not this time, and I've been told I'm definitely having another boy - i guess it just happens sometimes! xx
  • hey.*waves hands* me too me too. it has appeared from no where! im glad its pretty fair though but there seems to be lots of it. we havent found out the sex so it will be a surprise. cavern of a belly button is dissapearing fast...oooooooooooo... i guess i have to face the fact that my inny will soon be an outy LOL.
  • Yep me too! Very fine blond hairs all over my belly!

    I was told it was a sign of a girl, guess we will find out in april!
  • yup, i have one too, i'm turning into a yeti!!! OH and I have matching his and hers bellies now, both hairy pot bellies lol. btw, i'm also having a boy but i don't think the hairy belliness is an indicator of sex at all.

    xx 29+5
  • oooh i wish i had blonde hair mine is dark dark dark , ooohh i hate it lol , i thought it was a sign it was a girl but everyone says boy [email protected] looks like u might owe me a fiver pmsl xxxxxxx
  • nah mrs, i still stick by my prediction, u got a pinky bump cooking away nicely in i need that fiver for my pole now....pmsl!!!!
  • Hairy belly too!! My hair is quite far so was a little shocked to see darker hair growing on my bump - Convinced its a sign I'm having a boy!!
  • My belly is so so hairy. I find it quite funny!
    Oh the joys .
    &&& btw im having a girl!
  • phew !do u ladies know how much better i feel knowing im not the only pregnant women with a belly like a gorilla ....he he xxxxxx
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