What good are results?

I finally got my blood test results after two weeks of constant ringing. The midwife said I was 1 in 360 I was not contacted earlier as this is not high risk but any lower and it would be high risk. What the hell is that supposed to mean! I feel the whole system is terrible. I feel rather upset but people who get high risk results must feel awful. If I ever have another child I will not want any tests because I can't understand the point!


  • Sorry forgot to mention which test. It was the double test, what experiences have people had with it?
  • Hi Kat.

    I didn't have any of the test when I was carrying my son and I won't this time either.
    The tests are helpful if you get a high risk result but even then they can be wrong. It's all just percentages at the end of the day.
    My sister (who was 17 at the time) had the double test and because she was deemed high risk they sent her of to st. georges in london for more tests (scared the wits out of her) Well Alexa is a beautiful normal (yuck I hate that word) 2 year old, so all that stress they put her mum under was totally rubbish and could have caused more damage than good.

    I'm glad your results aren't that bad hun especially after some of the comments that were made to your earlier post about possible termination (hope that was you or I look a right womble now)

    Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes stress free.xx


  • I chose not to have the tests for this reason!

    1 in 250 or less is classed as "high risk" as far as I'm aware.

    I personally think that unless you are high risk, they shouldn't tell you the ratio, as it only worries women who have nothing to worry about!! I would complain if I were you as they've only worried you more...but thats up to you! xxx


  • Tiger Lily is right anything below 1:250 is classed as high risk, myn was summat like 1:13000, they didnt even bother telling me the results they just wrote it straight in my notes and i looked it up. Congrats on not been high risk. Kerry xxx

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