Fao Speckle

Hi Speckle,

I know what you mean about sending them to nursery i have bit the bullet a few weeks ago and started Ashleigh at a nursery 2 mornings a week for 3 hrs each session i was petrified of her going but wanted her to get used to being around other children before the next one arrives and didnt want to leave it too late incase she felt like i was parming her off coz of the new one and believe me it was the best thing ive done she absolutely loves it she knows everytime its tuesday and friday and wakes up nice and early ready to go lol, She has loads of friends and has learnt so much her speaking and understanding has come on leaps and bounds, its even nice because ive had her paint me pictures, she made me a valentines, mothers day cards and she bakes every friday its soo nice to have my house covered in things she has made for me. If i were you id go for it he will prob suprise u and settle in really easily, i took it harder than Ashleigh did lol but once i got used to the idea i look forward to the days as much as her its bliss lol x:lol:


  • Im definately going to have a look see what ages it is, im not sure if its 2-3 year olds the one near me. I think he'd love it but i just have to get over the fear of leaving him, but weather its now or when he goes to school i'll have to do it lol
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