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Can anyone recommend maternity/breast feeding bras that are supportive and comfy? I am really struggling as I am already large and all the ranges I have tried have not been very supportive or cut in. I am a 36G normally and now growing! I have tried Mothercare, M&S so far.
Thanks for your help.
Lilou x


  • le hun ive tryed allsorts u cud try talking to ur midwife bout it thow have u tryed in next? ummmmmmm iv got just a support bra frm asda and that is as comfy xx
  • Hi there, just popped over from due in June forum, I got some nice ones from Debenhams, in the sale too, in their maternity range. I have gone from a 38B to 40DD and I am only 18 weeks - eek !!

    Here is the link

    Hope that helps

  • Thanks for all your replys ladies.
    Lilac- thanks for the link. Sadly they stop at a G which is my problem as they were that size pre-pregnancy and I am struggling to find any that go above that size!
    Mrs Amanda- thanks for the advice with the under wired bras. That is all I wear normally as I just don't get any support from non wired! The ones I got non wired after a few hours cut in at the side and straps because of the weight pulling the straps forward. I also panic about what size I will become! I am only 6+4 and already out grown my G bras so really need to go shopping but can't find any to fit. Having large boobs really isn't very glamorous, I feel I have 2 udders already! image: lol:
    I will keep up the hunt. Thanks again.
    Lilou x

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  • Hi
    I remember reading on here about John Lewis being good for larger sized matenrity bra's - Have you tried there?
    Sorry can't be more help - I only have little ones and find some bras uncomfy socan only imagine its worse the larger you are.
    Good luck
  • Just did a quick search on-line and it looks as if Bravissimo does nursing bras in DD-J cup sizes.

    Hope this helps.
  • I got some from Mothercare, I have gone from a 38FF to a 40G and I am only 6 weeks aaahhhh!!!
    They are not comfy though and give absolutely no support!! I have been wearing sports bra's mostly.
  • This is great i am a 34 H but i know i have gone up at least one cup size and was having problems finding bras!


  • I just got two from, I'm a 36G and was having problems too but they are really comfy and not too pricey either one was only ??14.00 which is cheap for us big boobed girls!!
  • Wow, thanks for all the replies ladies! I have been wearing a Panache wireless shaped cup one today and it has been curling over under my chest and cutting in. I will have a look through the other sites you have suggested. Thanks again,
    Lilou x
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