Moan (Sorry!)

I'm afraid I just need a really good moan and if I moan at oh any more I think he might hide so you lot are stuck with me :roll:

I'm just soooo bloody uncomfortable. I am sitting bolt upright at the kitchen table because where ever else I try to sit my bump is in the way. I can't bend over, I can't lie down comfortably, I can't even sit on the sodding sette without it hurting. I'm hoping that it is just the way bubs is laid at the minute as if I have to stay this uncomfortable for the next 10 weeks I may lose the will to live :lol:

Anyone got any ideas how to get the little sod to move?
Kerry xx


  • Just tried bouncing on my birth ball, made no difference at all lol

    Zoey, I've got no idea how the little bugger is lying, diagonally with his arms over his head seems most likely given how uncomfy I am lmao xx
  • I had this last night hun and got my OH to massage my back with scented worked a treat. He is no proffesional by a long shot but just the warmth of the oils eased the pain and uncomfortableness. I sat on the edge of the bed with my feet flat on the floor as this was the only position the baby would let me and it must have sent baby off to sleep to as it let me lay down comfortably after.

    I hope you get comfy soon hun.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Oh God, I hate those bouts of uncomfortable-ness (becoming more & more frequent nowadays!). I think you replied to my post on Friday when I was in agony and was limping because it hurt SO much to rest my weight on my one leg. I am a real wriggler when I'm asleep and every time I turned over I woke myself up with the pains in my pelvis. Well it eased off all weekend and now I am completely fine again! Must have been the way he was lying.

    I havent got any tips on moving baby really! But aches and pains do tend to clear up overnight on a bad day. I would just put loads of cushions behind your back and sit on the settee, tho I do find sitting upright is more comfortable! And lying down with a pillow between your legs isnt too bad.

    Oh & if ur bored and your lo is in an active mood then run your fingers along your bump like a spider - I was doing this yesterday and a little hand/foot kept chasing it up and down!! Was so weird! xxx

  • Oh i get this and he goes under my ribs lol my mum tells me off for encourraging him over but i have no choice that or sit there and cry! lol
    this is going to sound mad (but if its bad enough you'll try it) lol but dance lol shakes them a little into a better place! good luck! x
  • Going on all fours is supposed to help isn't it?
  • I can totally relate to this moan. My lo seems to be spreading right out with arms and legs everywhere meaning that my bump is rock hard like a boulder and its really hard to get comfy. I find that even wen im sat down im out of breathe coz baby seems to be pushing quite high up. Iv tried shaking the baby (sounds so cruel) and also a variety of position whether it be sitting, standing or lying but just cnt get comfy. Like u i dnt know how im gona take another 11wks, im just hoping that baby moves into a more comfortable position for me. Kerry xxx

  • Thanks guys! I gave up trying to stay even slighty upright and went for a wallow in the bath! Was nice while I was in there but just as uncomfy when I got out lol. However this morning he seems to have moved and I feel almost human.
  • lol - i love the way u describe urself as wallowing in the bath! thats just how i feel wen i get in - lol

    glad ur feelin a bit more comfy today. how far gone r u?
    elaine xx
  • Elaine, I'm 30 weeks today. I think the wallowing is appropriate as I am starting to feel like I am the size of a hippo!
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