Is gargling aspirin ok... long as I don't swallow it? I have a horrible sore throat, and paracetamol isn't helping!


  • personally i wouldnt without checking with a doctor/midwife 1st. Incase you accidently swallow any or its gets or your system. Maybe if you dont get a reply from someone who knows call the nhs. I think its better to be safe than sorry but then I'm really cautious. hope you feel better soon xxx
  • You could try nhs direct website. x
  • I just rang nhs - all I said was I have a sore throat and am pregnant, can I gargle aspirin - she asked me loads of questions about my throat (am I seeing bright lights, do I have a rash, do i have a blinding headache) even though I said I wasn't concerned about the throat pain, but just want to check I can have aspirin! And noew anurse is going to phone me within the hour, but if the pain gets worse or I struggle to breathe, I need to ring back immediately! I guess they have to cover themselves....!
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