hey girls.

trying not to get my hopes up too much but this morning, from about 10 - 12, started having what i just assumed was braxton hicks, but they got increasingly more painful, although not unbearable, and more frequent, coming about every 5-7 mins. but got up a made some dinner and stuff and they almost fizzled out. have still been having them, but not often at all really. no regularity at all now. but still coming. am thinking this may be the start of things but really dont want to think it is until im certain. the only thing that puzzles me, is that when i have them, i get a lot of pressure bearing down causing sharp pains in what i assume is my cervix, and making me feel like i need a poo!! even tho i dont!

what does any1 think???

all help much appreciated!!

grace and bump 40 + 2 xxx


  • Sounds to me like things cud be happening for u very soon. Keep us posted and get in touch with ur mw if u feel like things really are happening. Gud Luck, Kerry xxxx
  • ooooh sounds like your only hours from labour kicking off. get your things ready girl xxxxxxxx
  • Sounds like labour to me, had exactly the same thing when i went into labour with my son. was getting pains like branston hick for a few hours was convinced i was in labour then all of a sudden they just stopped! I gave birth the next day. Keep us all informed on how your getting on if you can lol
  • Oh how exciting, good luck and keep us posted.
    Em x
  • Speckle - lol at Branston hicks that reminds me of pickles image xx
  • since writing that post, everything is being a bit more frequent and hurting more, although am still not convinced its happening!! do feel rather sore all down my bump, and am still getting the contractions when i move about. which i wasnt before. i really hope things are happening!!! although im defo not getting my hopes up!! its gonna take a lot of convincing me that i actually mite be in labour!!! lol!!

    love grace and bump xxx

    p.s. branston hicks... made me think of pickle too!! pregnancy alters ur mind honest!!! xx
  • dont leave it too long, you might have your baby in the living room lol xxxxxxxxx
  • Oooooo hoping this is your time hun....will be keeping an eye out for updates..

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • i was due last monday the 7th ,so now 2 days over and been getting these pains for about a week now ,like you said, when u get up ur getting sharp pains and feel like u need a poo and getting braxton hicks all the time .a weeks ago i went to hospital and they said i was 3 cm so you would think by now my little boy would have popped out ,but still nothing .my pains seem to be at the worse at night but still nothing ,anyway not long now at leased i know he will be here in the next 2 weeks .hope everything goes ok and keep us all posted xxxleannexx

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  • everything has slowed back down again. dont think its gonna happen tonite anyway!! god dammit!! lol!!
    love grace and bump xxx
  • hia, my mum said the longer it goes on like that the quicker and easier your labour should be and that comes from alot of experience! good luck and keep us posted! xx
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