stupid phobias (sort of pg related)



Does anybody really have a phobia of sick, because I am really awful, I hate being sick myself, luckily I have not suffered that much with morning sickness (1 am 13 weeks now), but at the moment, certain smells make me want to heave (sorry if tmi), and yesterday to top it all off the cat was sick just after I ate my brekkie, and as hubbie was leaving, I was trying so hard not to be sick. But my hubbie was so good he stayed and cleaned up for me, before he went to work.

But seriously I really have a huge phobia of being sick, I work with men (and they do silly things, like pretending to be sick in the bin, and tapping the underneath, it it turns my stomach so much), sometimes even seeing sick or somebody about to be sick turns my stomach. It worries me as how I am going to be able to cope if the baby is sick (but the men in work told me baby sick is mostly milky, if it is like that i think I will be able to cope, but if anything more god help me).



  • hi septembermama,know what you mean bout smells anyfin makes me heave my boyfriend is manager of a fish and chip shop and the smell of grease when he comes home is horrible,cant get rid of the smell around the house.this my first baby but ive done alot of babysitting for my best friend(hope she pays me back one day)and baby sick just smells and looks like baby milk,merriel.
  • hi septembermama
    i also have a phobia of sickness this is a proper phobia and alot of people have this babies dont tend to do the retching sound so it reallt isnt as bad as you think i am ok with baby sick hun

  • i cant stand sick...not good when working in a hospital lol! Ive figured out its more the sound effects people procude when they are being sick, not the look of sick itself!
    I try and breather through my mouth rather than my nose, it helps me if i look up every so often and take a deep breathe.

    I suffered with morning nausea and was on the verge of through up if i went into the kitcken to make breakfast with the smell of last nights dinner still lignering. Nothing wrong with the smell, it just mnade my stomach turn. My huby started making me breakfast in bed, as this was one of the things which kept my morning nauseam at bay. We still east breakfast in bed, but at 30+weeks im able to go downstairs and make it if im going to work first! xxx
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