weird vision

hey all,

just wanted to pick your brains.

was watching tele tonight and all of a sudden i couldnt focus on fine features like peoples faces, all i could see were the eyes, even looking at my fiance all i could see was his eyes. and then a little bit later i had to turn the main light off because i started getting bright lights shining in from the corners of my eyes. even with the light turned out i still had this.

it went after about an hour but i'm starting to get a bit of a headache.

has anyone had anything like this happen to them? i was going to ring the mw phone number but once it went i didnt think i should anymore




  • hi i get this before i get a migraine the best way i can describe is it everything goes like wobbly glass except the thing i'm really focusing on like eyes etc. I also get numbess sometimes in different parts of my body ive had my mouth go numb my arm lose power its quite scary but unless i want to take meds e very day nothing can be done.

    hope your headache didnt turnout to be one of these!
  • Beccie i would ring the mw just to be on the safe side if your worried and dont ever feel like you cant or shouldnt thats what they are there for.x
  • hey ya hunny, i'd go get checked out!!! like bonney i can have visual disturbances b4 a migrane, but if you've never had this b4 i would ring ur mw for advice as it could be the onset of pre eclampsia. i'd go get ur bp and urine checked just to be on the safe side, if those are ok, then u probably have had a migrane!!! either way please go get checked and don't leave it to chance....hope ur feeling better xxxx
  • i did my blood pressure last night and it was low (i suffer from low bp) i'm feeling alot better this morning. doubt it would be anything to do with pre eclampcia cause at 24 weeks i had an artertial doppler scan to see how likely it would be to develepe PE and it showed that i'm unlikely to get it and blood is flowing great.

    i've had migrains before but never had the vision probs. it was prob due to my ME/CFS

    but thanks for your replies

  • glad ur ok hun!!! maybe pregnancy has changed how you suffer with a migrane, i know my symptoms differ slightly when i'm pregnant!!! hope ur getting plenty of rest hunny xxxx
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