I've just been for a wax...

and she has REALLY bruised me down below! I cant see down there over my bump hence going for the wax! she was REALLY rough and just kept saying child birth will hurt more you'll be looking back at this wishing you were back here then ripping a strip off! had plenty of waxing before this just seemed vicious! lol

I showed my mum and she gaspted and said Ooo that loks sore! which it is... had a look in the mirror and OOW! purple and black and red! nice!

I got it done cause I want to start going swimming (and OH was hintting heavly lol that it needed doing!)

wanted to get it done just before the birth ( i know people will say i don't care at the time) but now i'm a bit worried about going throught that again! image


  • Hair removal cream is the way forwards hun, I have never been waxed and never will be lol it sounds awful :S

  • That doesn't sound right - you shouldn't be all those colours down there!! Maybe it's because now you're preg you skin is a lot more sensitive and the woman should have taken that into account and been more careful with you.

    I wouldn't bother going back there again. All you need to do is trim the area with an electric shaver (I borrow oh's) or shave there. Quick and painless!!! lol. I'm so big now I don't know how I'm going to manage shaving down there just before the birth. Will have to get oh to help, but he's useless at shaving himself so god help me!!

    Take care xxx
  • I have learnt to shave by braille lol. Millie has a swimming lesson every week and I have really sensitive skin that reacts badly to waxing or hair removal stuff. I have got that used to not being able to see what I am doing that I reckon I could shave in the dark!

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  • If I haven't been waxed in ages it often goes quite red and a bit purpley. I a have a moisturiser that has tea tree oil in and that makes such a difference if I rub that on.
    I've started going for a waxing treatment where they just peel the wax off rather than rip it off using strips. Same effect but far less painful.
    My cousin got OH to do her bikin line just before she gave birth and when she looked with a mirror she said it was like a very uneven plucked chicken. S x
  • u dnt rly need to b shaven or waxed it dont rly matter i did'nt during my 1st preg i was huge could'nt c past my bump but every now n again i use bikini line trimmer but it ent the most important thing to worry bout as long as u get ur baby in ur arms safe n sound there not gun b worryin bout what ur like down there.
    abbie n bluebump 38+5
  • I remember when my cousin had her first baby the first thing i asked was if she managed to sort herself out down below and she just laughed at me and told me thats the last thing that was on her mind, lol.
    I know its not important but like it_must_love i cant think of being in labour then worrying what a mess i am, lol.
    I used to use an epilator (only on legs and under arm, too painful for bikini line) but now i feel to scared to use it because it hurts more now.I was thinking of wax but now your experience has put me off, lol. So shaving it is. image
  • Hopefully it will be because your skin is more sensitive but either way, the girl should have been sympathetic to that! I also know its not that important but will be making every effort to look my best!!
  • Have definately made my mind up after reading that - poor you!!!

    OH is going to do it (i must be mad)!! I just think if I let him start practising now - in 9 wks (when its gonna be seen) then it wont be soooo bad! I wish I didnt care but I do and if I dont do it at home then am gonna be got by a nurse with a bic!!!
    It says in my c/section booklet they gave me that they will shave me but they wont even use cream will they?
  • im a beauty therapist, and it sounds like she hasnt stretched the skin properly. it wont do any lasting harm but it will be a bit tender for a few days!! you will be more prone to bruising, especially down there, as there is more blood floating about, but if it is done propely u should have been ok. dont let it put u off having it done again, but if u get it done again, make sure the skin is really tight. mabe try holding ur hand at the bottom of bump and pulling up. she may have wanted to do this, but not wanted to hurt baby.

    if ur adamant on not waxing, shave it, as depilatiory creams are VERY harsh on ur skin and if u get any in ur parts it will really hurt!!!

    hope this helps!!

    love gracie and bump 40 + `1 xx
  • Hi I'm also a beauty therapist, and like Gracie said (40+1 woohoo!) she probably didn't stretch the skin properly - for bikini waxes I always get my ladies to hold and stretch some skin anyway to lessen the pain.

    However re creams although Gracie is right in that they can be quite harsh, I find that now I can't do my own waxing they're the only thing I can use - I use Veet sensitive - I can't tolerate shaving as I'm really sensitive and break out in humoungous shaving rashes. I agree though - don't get the cream in any of the inner bits and also slap on loads of vaseline afterwards to soothe it.

    Good luck!
  • lol so much for a sexy surprise for OH! lol

    I was so busy holding my knickers out the way - she put my hands in place and i just couldn't see where she was doing laying flat (with only one pillow lol have six in bed at mo!) and not able to see over my bump!

    It did hurt and thinking she didnt streach skin enough - i do bruise like a peach normally although pretty good in waxing, but really should of expected it to be worse at the mo...

    I wouldn't shave - a razor near my privates lol when i cant see and my co-oridination is not great in the mirror - and all the iching! lol no Ta!
    might try the cream though and if its not great it will just have to be another wax! she says squirming! lol

    even if its a bit before i'm due it won't matter I just don't want to be a jungle and have plates lol! :L

    & nobody will be taking photos i can assure yous lol! I can't even see down there!

    lol things we do huh! x

  • Hi girls, this mite sound odd but my OH does myn for me. We both have a laugh about it and he gets to style it how he wants (it doesnt matter to me coz i cnt even see it). OH takes his roll seriously but if u dnt like the idea of ur OH doing it then why not try using a mirror that mite help u see wat u are doing. Kerry xxx
  • LMAO Kerry!!!

    My oh threatened to attempt a love heart - I would just be having with him not cutting me!!!
  • LMAO Kerry!!!

    My oh threatened to attempt a love heart - I would just be happy with him not cutting me!!!
  • I thought my oh would run a mile if I suggested him helping but he didn seem too put off so that may be my option, surprisingly!
  • I am too scared to let hubby near there! Although he did paint my toes for me the other night, as it's getting a bit tricky!
  • I had my bikini area waxed before my wedding. Although it was ok I am sticking to teh usual of shaving. So long as pull the skin taut (sp?) its fine. I do it in the shower as then I dont get any red areas/itching. I can still see to it at 32+4 however, soon i will be using a mirror as dont trust my judgement without lol!
    As for creams, their too messy and its requires too much time. Shaving can be done quickly in the shower along with the armpits!! Well for me it works anyhow!
    My legs I havent done for along long time. Was quite surprised that they hardly show. So leaving them and will do them after lo is born. I doubt i will be flashing my legs off before then unless i go to aqua natal classes.

  • My missus reckons they are supposed to apply pressure to stop bruising if you bleed at all. Sounds like the one you had wasnt too experienced image
  • If you have some savlon put some on doesn't smell so good but it should help. You are more sensitive when pregnant so they might me why. Another reason could be she was not having a good day and thought she'd take it out on you! xxx
  • lol IH had a quick look and said its very nice lol! haha may well of been worth it... tee hee hee! xx
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